Daily Haircare
Daily Haircare
Care Tips
The care of Hairdreams real human hair creations is simple and easy - if you follow a few recommended tips.
Pflegetipps von Hairdreams

Daily Haircare  

To be able to enjoy your new Hairdreams dream hair as long as possible, please refer to the following care instructions.


When brushing and combing please refer to the following recommendations:

  • Sort through your Hairdreams hair with your fingers from the roots to the ends on a daily basis.
  • Carefully brush your hair every day with the Hairdreams brush.  Always hold on to the roots of your own hair while brushing.
  • If your hair is permed, moisten it and press it with your fingers after brushing.

Recommended Hair Care Products

Since your Hairdreams hair is not connected to your scalp, it does not receive the natural conditioning nutrients as your own hair. The Hairdreams care products specifically address the absence of natural conditioners and are formulated to meet the conditioning needs of human hair creations.

If used regularly, your Hairdreams hair will keep its optimal shine, elasticity and depth of color. Your stylist will inform you about the right combination of products for your individual hair type (see the recommendations in your Care Pass).

Your stylist must record your product purchases in your Care Pass to ensure that you can take advantage of the Hairdreams quality guarantee for the entire wearing period.


Hairdreams Special shampoos are specially designed for the regular washing of hair creations. They are available in various treatments for every hair type.

Directions for use:

  • Before shampooing brush the strands well with the Hairdreams brush. 
  • Then rinse hair and shampoo starting from the roots to the ends. Do not rub or scratch. 
  • Finally rinse the hair thoroughly from top to bottom. 
  • After washing, sort through hair and bonding points with your fingers.


Hairdreams Regeneration Care and Double Action Conditioner are the ideal treatment after shampooing. They provide the hair with valuable care nutrients, smooth the hair surface and ensure maximum elasticity and resilience. Regeneration Care is the ideal basic care for all hair types. Double Action Conditioner is a light conditioning spray, which is ideal for hair that requires less care, for in-between usage or as additional care for very damaged hair.

Application Regeneration Care:

  • Apply Hairdreams Regeneration Care and distribute evenly and gently from top to bottom 
  • Do not rub or scratch. 
  • Leave on for about 5 minutes - extend the leave-in time up to 20 minutes as needed. 
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Application Double Action Conditioner:

  • Shake well
  • Spray evenly over towel-dried hair. 
  • Distribute and brush through hair. Do not rinse!


Hairdreams pH&Shine Spray is a special spray designed to moisturize the hair and neutralize the PH-level of the water that remains in the hair from washing. It allows the cuticle layer of your hair to close up, leaving your hair with a radiant and silky shine. Hair feels stronger and healthier.

Directions for use:


Long hair needs extra care for lengths and ends. Improper hair care can lead to dry hair and split ends. Our high-quality Hairdreams Fluid conditions dry porous lengths and ends; if used regularly, it helps prevent split ends.

Directions for use:

  • Apply on wet or dry hair. 
  • Apply a few drops of Hairdreams Hair fluid into the palms of hands and spread it first into the ends and then into the lengths. 
  • Comb through entire hair. Do not rinse.


After washing carefully, towel-dry hair gently without rubbing. Next, blow-dry the bondings first and then the hair.

Caution: Extreme heat can damage and dry out your Hairdreams hair. Always use a heat protection spray for protection. 

When drying the Hairdreams Quikkies, please make sure that the hair lengths and ends are dried properly.  Do not blow intense heat directly onto the bonding points as they may loosen and slip.



Chemical processes such as coloring, highlighting or perming can change the structure and surface of your hair, thus damaging it. In the best interest of your Hairdreams hair, such processes must only be done by a certified Hairdreams salon.


Always tie your hair together or put it in a braid before you go to sleep in order to prevent your Hairdreams hair from matting.


Always protect your Hairdreams hair with PH&Shine Spray or Fluid before swimming. Tie your hair or put it in a braid.

After swimming, open the braid, carefully sort through it with your fingers and dry the bonding points with a towel.

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