Hair Thickening with
Hair Thickening with
The ideal solution for more volume in lengths and ends for fine hair.
Haarverdichtung mit Hairdreams Strähnen

Hair Thickening with
Hairdreams Strands  

Hair Thickening with Hairdreams real hair strands is a fabulous method for adding long-lasting natural volume to hair that is naturally thin or that has been made weak and fragile by excessive use of color, perms, styling products.

The client’s own hair is discreetly filled in with individual Hairdreams strands that match it in color, length and structure. 

In this way, the hair can be enhanced with any desired amount of volume in the lengths and ends. It is absolutely natural-looking and durable. Attachment is created with tiny patented bonding points, which are characterized by optimal wearing comfort and reliable hold.

For perfect and long-lasting results with the new hairstyle, use the Laserbeamer NANO System






Hairdreams Strands – This is how it works

The solution

Hair Thickening with Hairdreams strands – e.g. with the Laserbeamer NANO System – the client’s hair is gently enhanced with real hair strands of the same length. The wearing period for Hair Thickening with strands is about 4-6 months.

Find out more about Hair Thickening with strands: Contact one of our certified Hairdreams Partners for a detailed price quote.

Style Gallery

Here you will find several style examples for Hair Thickening with Hairdreams strands. There are several Hair Thickening options, depending on the desired hair style and the condition of the client’s hair.

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